the village of Sinemorets
Galaza The Azure village
About Sinemorets

The village of Sinemorets is undoubtedly the paradise spot o n the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The beautiful nature of the spot will charm you. The green waves of Strandja though the silver beaches outlining bays with a crystal clean caressing warm sea water. Far away from the vanity and dirt of the frantic world nowadays, there o ne can open his senses towards the colors and aroma of seaside, mountain, river. o ne plunges in the silence and the natural environment God has given to us.

Sinemorets \since 1934\, Galadzaki, Kalandja \till 1934\ is situated o n a peninsula south from the estuary of Veleka river, at about 5 km south from the town of Ahtopol and 90 km from the city of Burgas. The today’s name of Sinemorez is a literally translation from the Greek word “Galaza” which means “azure”.

The Veleka River Estuary

Besides, where the Veleka River flows into the Black Sea, is the most beautiful place for swimming with a mask and snorkel. In a calm sea, the visibility in the waters reaches 10 m, which we have not seen anywhere else at the beaches of the Black Sea and is comparable to diving in the Mediterranean Sea!

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